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Springtime hiking trip to the Patvinsuo National Park

Saturday 21.5.2022

The trip includes coffee and introduction at the National Parks Nature Information Hut. After the hike you can go to sauna, and have some coffee and sausage at the fireplace on the beach.

We depart from Joensuu city center, Kirkkokatu bus stop. (In front of the Art Museum.)
8.00 Kirkkokatu
8.10 Jukolanportti
8.20 Lehmo Fittari-gym
8:25 Uuro's crossroad
8.40 Eno crossroad of Ahveninen
8:55 Uimaharju, autoasemankaari Teboil
9.30 Patvinsuo National Park

After arriving there is a 10-15 minute introduction of the park, after which we split into groups according to fitness conditions. The length of the hiking trip is approximately 16 kilometers. Make sure you reserve your own water and good hiking shoes. After the hike there is a serving of coffee, tea, cocoa, and sauna from 14.00 - 16:30 onwards (bring your own towels). Returning bus departs around 17:30
Price of the trip is 35€, it includes transports, a guide, sauna and snack serving. It is possible to bring your own food as well.

Please sign up before thursday 19.5.2022.

Toivo Turunen p. 0400 375 070
Kimmo Kurvinen p. 0400 920 412
Asko Timoskainen p. 0400 576 303

Or by e-mail: info@future-club.fi

Click here for More info about Patvinsuo

by Dr. Radut.